The Top Three Hill Stations of India

Mother Nature’s calling is not just in the voice but in the most beautiful places of India – the splendid hill stations. India is a country of diverse climates, and hill stations are a stark reflection of this diversity. There are exceptional hill stations in North India, South India, East India, and West India. In this article, I am going to introduce you to the top three hill stations of India; they are known in commonly used terms as Kodai, Darjeeling, and Assam.

Kodai: this name has its roots in the Sanskrit word for forested valley. The topography of the region is highly diverse. Tropical and sub-tropical climate prevails in the whole area. Hence, the kind of vegetation and the topography of the place reflect this temperate climate. Kerinpoche, availably situated 45 km from the city of Bengal, is the most popular hill station in North India. The weather conditions are pleasant throughout the year, and the topography offers a rugged coastline on the Arabian Sea, with rich biodiversity and an array of scenic habitats. Along with flora and fauna, there are troops of wild elephants, sambars, jackals, langurs, stuffed toys, monkeys and deer, antelopes, and many species of wild bison, the otter, pigmy deer, gaur, musk deer, leopard, and Indian rhinoceros.

Darjeeling: there is no dearth of water in Darjeeling. The mill flows all year-round. But the best time to go is during summer. During the dry season, the water bodies are reduced, and the roses of Surajkund Shepherd are best in Kariwal.

Assam: Assam is a wildlife haven in Darjeeling. The precious wildlife and the flora got a mighty fighting chance against the unmanned wildlife. Assam is a land of the tiger, the elephant, the Bengal tiger, gar or rhino, the spotted deer, the wild boar, and the Indian leopard. Assam is a must-visit place for tourists. The place is a wildlife haven.

Kashmir: Kashmir is one of the most beautiful places in India. Situated in the northernmost part of India, at a distance of about stopping from the Karstantshress and sharing the lymph with the Beas river. The fields here are spotted with luxuriant wild flowers. The beauty of the flower field and the wooded area and the reflection of the moonlight and the mountains is really a great canvas.

Darjeeling: the hill station of Darjeeling is famous for the tea estates and the shopping malls. Apart from its natural beauty, there are some exotic places to visit like Ghoom, Singalila, Danum Valley etc. The natural beauty of the place is supplemented by conventional tourist amenities like hot springs, etc.

Beauties of Darjeeling: Lying at a close distance to Bagdogra, Darjeeling is a famous hill station in India. The site of the trip is not just a pleasant place to visit, but it is also a scenic place with the lovely Singalila waterfalls and Galind Sahib Lake.

Beauties of Darjeeling: Dubbed as the ‘Queen of the Hills, Darjeeling is a breathtakingly beautiful place. The shopping malls and holiday homes here are excellent landmarks. Travel to Darjeeling and find yourself in the lap of Nature.

Beauties of Darjeeling: The visitors can make a trip to the hills and visit the famous malls and enjoy the natural beauty. Better book your tour packages in advance as Darjeeling is a great place to visit.

To see the entire diversity of panoramic natural beauty, just visit the hill station of Darjeeling. The trip is almost supply free as it serves to build the scenic beauty in your mind. Plan your holiday trip to the south.

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