Taking A Look At The West Coast

This year I had the privilege of taking a vacation down to the West Coast with my fiancé, Brittany, and our two small children. We had flown into San Francisco and I didn’t know quite where we were going or what we would be doing. I ended up finding out that the cruise ship we were supposed to be on had somehow managed to sink, and we were rescued by Mexican fishing boats.

I was traveling with another family, and we all decided to take a different route. Everybody except my fiancé played by the same rule and had to stay on the beach for the duration of the vacation. My family chose to stay in an apartment complex by the Pacific Ocean, an hour’s drive away. We had originally considered flying into San Francisco and then taking a bus to the beach, but we ran out of money before we had even booked the bus and there wasn’t enough time to get on the bus before the end of the vacation.

The beach was a major hit for us. It’s an incredibly beautiful place, and the vast amount of space to sunbathe and swim in without having to squeeze into the sunlight or into the swimming pool or lake can make any vacation worth it. We’ve stayed in the area several times and will continue to do so. Hopefully, our small amount of research in the area will help us find a great place to stay.

The West Coast is a great place to have a good vacation.

The people are gorgeous, we have been told, by local TV news people who really like the area. The economy here is designed for tourists and retirees. Yes, you can get a good deal if you’re a little flexible and willing to book your vacation a little differently. Another option is to stay right on the beach. If you consider that your primary reason for visiting the West Coast is to sunbathe, the beaches might be an obvious choice.

The weather is fantastic nearly year-round. The ocean is amazingly warm and refreshing, and the beaches have great facilities. It doesn’t hurt that it rains less here than you would find in the rest of the United States. Since we visited the West Coast expecting to do absolutely nothing more than beach shop, we were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves surrounded by activities perfect for our age group.

We have always loved to surf, and we saw quite a few interesting waves on our trip. This time, however, we were expecting to catch some waves, and for sure, we weren’t disappointed. We caught a wave on our first day, and from the first time on that day, we quickly learned that this is a very powerful wave and should only be caught in the smallest of areas. Always keep your eyes up, even if you don’t feel like you have the time to surf; the waves here are incredible.

While we didn’t take any serious threats from the surf here, there is a reality, of course, that if you do make it into the surf, there might be some ocean noise. You might think since this is in the ocean, there might not be any strong currents. However, we found out otherwise. The stronger current areas were on the northern shores bordering Southern California; the southern shores were much calmer. Knowing what you need to be aware of will make your beach trip a successful and memorable one.

Another good place to catch waves and to get close to the shore is Ft.inas National Seashore. You will have to hike quite far to get to the large waves pool. There are stairs so you can get a good vantage point to see the waves and the waves break very close to shore.

When you return to the beach, and unlike in Hawaii, you don’t have to say goodbye to your towel. You can take your towel and beach umbrella back across the street and put them in a shopping bag, and take them home. You will find that is a very convenient way to take a couple of surfing essentials with you.

Hawaii has a very romantic way of life and a romantic sunset.

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