Enjoy a Taste of Caribbean Luxury

If you’re looking for the ultimate in Caribbean luxury, hotels and resorts in Anguilla have everything you’re looking for. Plush accommodations, upscale entertainment, gourmet food from some of the region’s best restaurants, and some of the most crystal clear waters, balmy breezes and laid-back ambiance in the world await. All this on a tiny island seventeen miles long and three miles wide!

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If limited supply is the hallmark of true Caribbean luxury, hotels in Anguilla definitely make the grade. This is why you won’t encounter lurid casinos, noisy ships, or tacky malls all the length of the island. Back in the 1980s, the local government decided to limit development on the island to small, discreet, and definitely upscale.

Instead, there is sophisticated accommodation in stunning beach locations that don’t disturb the natural seaside setting. Accompanying the elegant hotels is, of course, impeccable and efficient service from some of the most hospitable yet laid-back people on Earth!

In short, this island is anything but a noisy, bustling island.

What’s On?

In addition to the aforementioned tropical jungles, there is also what locals call the “sea kingdom” or marine bay. This is the area of Anguilla situated just above the Coral Tower and distinguished by its beautiful national park, wherein flamingos and other sea animals gather in their natural habitat. In the marine bay, you also find the island’s two famous ships: the Royal securely moored ocean liner, the Coral Star, and the majestic sailing ship the Merée, which transported independence to Anguilla.

Nature lovers will be fascinated by the island’s bird sanctuary, where flamingos and other seabirds can be observed and named. To the best of my knowledge, this is the only place around the world where the Royal Dutch Bird Sanctuary in Jaapela carries on its activities in the conservation of a significant number of bird species.

The oceanarium is one of the island’s most cherished attractions and is easily accessible from hotels. further offers great discounts on vacation packages to Anguilla, Puerto Rico, and the Grenadines.

Orama of the islands

Paradise Island is the most developed, with three shopping malls, entertainment complexes, and more than 80 restaurants, bars and cafes. This, in addition to great beaches, amusement parks, museums, nature reserves and other tourist destinations, actually makes the island a great place to live!

Local residents make full use of the amenities offered by the island by hosting trips and vacations for their guests and have a cycling program named Vélo Nacional de route (Tourism Route), designed to make cycling and to walk the foremost carriers of tourism on the island.

Visitors will definitely be impressed by the relatively small size of the island, which makes airport transfers and the customs process significantly simpler. Phuket International Airport processes 4 million passengers yearly, while Ryanair flights take just 1 million passengers.

There are abundant outdoor cafes and bars serving a mixture of Thai and international cuisines and thrilling rides on the island’s two pirate ships that sail through the waters. The jewelry shops and confectioner’s on the island are second to none. Finally, Phuket is definitely the place for snorkeling! The Bossa de Phuket, a well-established specialist in the field, offers unforgettable moments to snorkel-conscious individuals.

In addition to these exciting activities, there are also cultural tours to the historical sites of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, and Samui, as well as boat cruises and jeep tours. There is even the inventor of the plastic surgery boathouse on the island to learn about the local history.

Phuket villas are affordable. Upton Beach and the Bang Bao Resort area are examples of resorts that make it easy to enjoy a memorable stay.

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