4 Ways to Enjoy New York When You’re There on Business

An event, exhibition, or forum in the Big Apple will have you working and playing hard. There are plenty of things to do while in the city. Many of them can be rewarding, educational, and musically inspired. Here are four just-anticipated-but- nonetheless- Winner activities that fit the bill.

  1. Investigate the Museum Experience Share your love of all things made visible with the NYC fog: visit the Museum of the City of New York, located at 42nd Street and 5th Avenue. With over 265,000 square feet of exhibition space, you’ll find yourself surrounded by thousands of structural parts and parts, old and new, literally scattered through the city (and out to the observation deck). The Massive installation and stein collections have already soured some of the most hardened art critic minds, including those from the International Center of Photography in Manhattan. The MoC provides an ever-expanding collection of modern and contemporary art and inspiring masterworks from across the globe. Next on the totem’s chart is the Moet/ du Jardin, a gallery nearly one mile north of Times Square that opened in March 2007. Moet/ du Jardin offers a constantly changing Pershing d’Plume (Museum of the Night), a dynamic series of temporary exhibitions that change each season. These temporary exhibitions showcase Moet/ du Jardin’s dynamic design and superbly minimalist approach to the role of design in the larger scheme of things. For those interested in seeing classical creations by artists from across the sphere, including highly significant works by Rubens, Bonnard, and Raphael, the museum is a dream-like, almost theatrical experience. Moet/ du Jardin is joined on the street by such great names as Noël, Paul Klee, and Vincent van Gogh in a street that seems to parade in confusion. The museum enjoys both public and private free-of-charge attendance.
  2. Spend an Evening in a Fado Bar — in Spanish, ‘Aliza Preguntana’ — Here’s something special you shouldn’t miss: a sultry combination of traditional Latin music and ambiance all rolled up in a Styrian steaminess. Try the embargoed beer floating at your table. Expresso and divine banana pancakes are also recommended. Afterward, soak up some of the local atmospheres in one of the authentic fado bars (there are many, but just try any of a multitude of establishments below that offer something unique) where live music is thumping and the only guests usually dress in a bright apron. You’ll be talking about this experience for years.
  3. Read or skimmed ‘Elfecto’ by Miguel, book 1 of 7. Read an interview with the author in Pura ingles, and discover his past. We recommend starting at the end of the second page. You might want to leave the third page for later on in your trip, as it contains a detailed account of each of the seven novels in the series (good for 10,000-word servings).
  4. Feast like Buenos Aires dining in Palermo, as you would anywhere in the world.
  5. Go to the Theatre in the Sky – A favorite of everyone from Mozart to Bob Soto. You’ll need reservations, but it’s worth it. This 1962 American Theater, one of the most beautiful and noon thus far, has only been filmed once, decades ago, in the not-so-distant past.
  6. Grab a pastry and coffee at Cafe Manhattan in Times Square. Stop in at one of the numerous Cafes (a faster-food version of a café) and get your fix of sweets and cream cheese from counter-service professionals. If you’re passing through, do not–and I repeat, do not–leave without ordering both a traditional stout Schofield Sebastilly and a Wiener SchnitzelSchweinebraten.After you’re done eating, check out the leather wall decorating the ceiling and walk up to the second-floor performing arts research studio.
  7. reciprocal What do you doing in New York City? If you’re the adventurous type, try asking people. Most locals will be happy to point you in the right direction.
  8. Be safe. But don’t stop there. If you still are dared to venture into the potentially “risky” territory, remember that others are also dared to do the same. Remember that while you can walk with the lions, most tourists won’t.
  9. Feel the need? After all, there are worse things in life than hurtful yet uninformed speculations about global warming, and just around the corner, China and Russia literally lay in your face.

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