4 Reasons Why You Should Go on Vacation

Making the decision to take a vacation may feel overwhelming, but the benefits are certainly worth the effort. Here are some tips to help you succeed in planning that first vacation of the year.

  1. Timing is important. The best time to go on vacation is when you are at rest and not stressed. Avoid the holiday rush by going in January, February, and July. Even the summer months are a good time to go on vacation if you don’t mind the heat. In fact, July is the only month that is perfectly suited for vacations, as long as you avoid the hurricane season.
  2. How far are you willing to drive? The farther you are from work, the more vacation money you’ll need. I like to rent a car when I am going on vacation, so I don’t have to drive in through the night. If you can actually afford to drive, that is ideal.
  3. Time of year. Go on vacation in the middle of winter or the first two weeks of spring break. Those times are the absolute best times to get a large amount of sun, but they are also the most expensive. Spring break in South Padre Island is still cheaper than any other time. Avoid going during the hurricane season; the weather is fine in December-February.
  4. Your friends. My college boyfriend of three years, Greg, and I went on a spring break trip to Cancun. We had no problem making friends wherever we went. He was from Germany, and I was from the US, and we became instant friends. Any girl I invited over to our place for a party told us how much she admired us when we won over a beach party. We went to Mexico to party. We stayed at a resort in November of 2006. I paid $75 for a trip to Punta Mita, Mexico, in April of 2007. In June, I learned that my friends had thrown a beach party for their age sphere. I didn’t throw the party. The resort had a monkey with duct tape attached to a bottle of rum-running around, which was used to determine who was in the room. There was a cockroach in my room. In September, I peed on a paper cut on my leg. In November, I had to use tweezers to fix a missing eye lens. In February, I mishap Got my nose glued to the wall. In May, I peed my colon. In August, I had to shave half my hair off. In December, I missed my flight to Tokyo due to snow. In March, a liveaboard friend from New York had a wedding in Isola with ten guests. In May, I had brunch at La Nottingham. In September, I ate baguette, my favorite breakfast food. In October, I shared cottage pie with the class president of my school. In November, I visited my grandma for dinner. In May, I rode horses with my nanny. In September, I drove my parents to the beach. In August, I took my daughter on a trip to Niagara Falls. In July, I brought my golf game to Montauk Point. In September, I drove my rented Harley Davidson to a local less golf resort. In October, I drove my Mustang to a western shootout. In April, I rolled up with a sportscar up a ski slope. In May, I hiked the Grand Canyon with my brother-in-law. In August, I flew a jet plane, and we landed at my dad’s place. In November, I hit the beach again for a day of sunshine.

Traveling can be a hassle. There is often a concierge at a luxury hotel ready to help you arrange plane tickets, tour reservations, and perhaps pad rentals. Disagreement abounds. But there are a few things that are important. One is that you do your homework about the place you are traveling to. Two, always be confident approaching strangers. Three, dress appropriately for the region you are going to. If there is warm weather, you should wear shorts and a light shirt. If it is cold, you should probably wear a sweater. If you are going to the beach, you should probably wear shorts while swimming.

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